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Medical Insurance for Greencard Holders Temporarily Visiting USA

Medical Insurance for Greencard Holders Temporarily Visiting USA.

'Greencard' refers to the permanent resident card for USA. A Green card allows the holder to stay in the US permanently. However, Green card holders have the flexibility to stay outside the US up to 6 months without needing to complete any paperwork. Additionally, the holders can stay outside the US up to 2 years with a reentry permit.

Some US citizens get green cards for their foreign parents; these elderly green card holders primarily stay outside the US and temporarily visit the US for few months a year, just like normal visitors do. In such cases, their home country is outside the US even though they are called 'permanent residents of the US' from an immigration perspective.

Green Card holders that routinely shuttle between their country of citizenship (or native country) and the US can purchase many of the same plans that international visitors can, but not all of them.

Even though the term 'temporarily' is not precisely defined, generally speaking if the person were to stay in the US more than six months in a year, they would not be considered 'temporarily' visiting. In case of any doubt, please refer questions to your attorney as we can't provide legal advice.

You can specify the US address for getting the insurance documents mailed. However, at the time of the claim, you must be able to provide permanent address outside the U.S.

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