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Zip-Lining or Canopy Tour Travel Insurance

Zip-Lining or Canopy Tour Travel Insurance

While traveling abroad, especially as part of a shore excursion on a cruise, many people like to do zip-lining or canopy tours. It is necessary to purchase zip-lining or canopy tour travel insurance to receive coverage for these activities.


Zip-line tours are available across several continents. However, they are most popular in countries that have jungles or rainforests such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, New Zealand and Brazil.

Zip-lining involves traveling along a predetermined route through a wooded and often mountainous landscape using zip-line wires and aerial bridges. You zip-line, often at thrilling speeds, from one platform to another built in the trees.

Participants are harnessed to cables throughout the entire tour.

A canopy tour can last from 30 minutes to several hours. Sometimes, to reach the site where the zip-lining starts, participants are led on a jeep tour or hiking tour.

The intensity of the zip-lining tour can vary depending on the site. It may be just a few feet above the ground or more than 100 feet. Inquire about the tour's details in advance to make sure that you will be comfortable with your experience.

For the inexperienced, the tour guide may let you do some practice activity just a few feet above the ground.


Zip-lining and canopy tours are risky activities. There's a chance of falling, broken zip-lines, dysfunctional gloves, or not braking in time, slamming into trees or other people.

Many people are successful in zip-lining and canopy tours, but there's a chance that you could get bruised or even break your leg or worse.

Zip-lining is not for everyone. You must be physically fit. If you have certain medical conditions, or if you are afraid of heights, you should choose a different activity. Ask the zip-lining company for more details well in advance.

There may also be an age limit for the specific site.

Travel Insurance

Because zip-lining or canopy touring is a risky activity, purchasing proper travel insurance is extremely necessary.

If you get injured, you would need the benefits of emergency medical coverage.

Zip-lining locations are often in remote locations without adequate medical care. If you are injured, you'll need emergency medical evacuation to transport you to the nearest place where you can receive adequate care.

You'll probably be asked to sign a waiver before going on a canopy tour. This way, the tour operator or cruise line who offers the activity isn't liable for any injuries that occur during the activity. Therefore, your best option is to purchase your own travel insurance that covers Zip-lining or canopy tours.


Zip-lining or canopy tours can make you feel like you're flying like a bird, enjoying the scenery from above. It's a rewarding experience, but, due to its risky nature, purchasing proper travel insurance is a necessity.

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