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Egypt Travel Insurance

Egypt Travel Insurance

Egypt Travel Insurance is highly recommended while traveling to Egypt for any purpose.

Egypt is a country located in the northern tip of Africa. Many people also consider Egypt part of the Middle East.

While most of Egypt is a desert, Egypt is fortunate to have the world's longest river, the Nile, flowing through to the Mediterranean Sea. More than 95 percent of the population of Egypt lives near the Nile River, which makes up only around 3 percent of the land. That makes it very densely populated, even more so than Bangladesh. Most of the population lives in major cities in the Delta area, such as Cairo, Alexandria and Giza, or the Suez Canal area.

Egypt does not have any health care reciprocity agreements with the United States, Canada, Australia, the U.K. or Europe. If you were to get sick or injured while visiting Egypt, you would have to pay out of pocket. Therefore, it is very wise to carry proper travel insurance that will pay for such expenses. Outside of a few major cities, the health care in Egypt may be very basic and inadequate. Therefore, you should always purchase travel insurance that includes emergency medical evacuation coverage to transport you to the nearest hospital with adequate care.

It is not advisable to drive yourself while in Egypt due to poor traffic conditions and the lack of strict law enforcement. You should avoid the traffic chaos and hire a taxi instead.

As most of Egypt is very hot, you should carry enough sunscreen protection and cover your body. In any case, that is recommended anyway due to the conservative culture.

When traveling outside your resort or the hotel, you should carry toilet paper and pocket tissues as you may need them at any time.

Egypt is home to one of the world's ancient civilizations. The Pyramids of Giza are the last surviving of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. They were built as tombs for the mighty pharaohs (emperors). The town of Luxor has several tourist attractions, such as the Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut, Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings.

Most international tourists arrive in Egypt through Cairo International Airport and therefore naturally go on the city tour.

Many international tourists sail the Nile River on a cruise. Sharm-el-Sheikh has many luxury resorts and hotels, including international restaurants.

The Red Sea is a popular diving destination, and South Sinai has many excellent diving sites. However, if you plan to dive there, make sure that you purchase travel insurance that covers diving.

Due to the possibility of political unrest in Egypt, if you are concerned that you might not be able to take the trip, consider purchasing "cancel for any reason" travel insurance. The regular trip cancellation insurance does not cover political unrest and will not refund your prepaid, nonrefundable trip costs.

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