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Slovakia Visa Travel Insurance

Slovakia Visa Travel Insurance is required for all travelers to Slovakia that need Slovakia visa.

Formerly known as Czechoslovakia, Slovakia is now an independent state and is the most castellated country in all of Europe. It is a naturally mountainous country, located near the Austrian border and has 7 sights listed on UNESCOs World Heritage List.

Slovakia is famous for not only all of its castles but also its dramatic landscapes as well; the capital, Bratislava, has its own namesake castle that sits on a hill above the Danube River and even houses part of the Slovak National Museum. The museum has many wonderful treasures including Roman artifacts, as well as 20th century arts and crafts. A few well known mountains include the Carpathian Mountains and Tatra Mountains and there are 9 national parks in Slovakia, including the Slovak Paradise National Park.

The culture of Slovakia is the result of folk traditions and is heavily influenced by Austria, Germany, as well as Hungary. This includes the traditional food. The most traditional of all Slovakian dishes would be Bryndzove Haulsky; these are potato dough dumplings with sheep's cheese and scrambled speck or bacon. Their cuisine also includes lots of cabbage, onions, garlic and rice, even though most of the rice is actually imported.

Many famous people are from Slovakia with one of the most famous possibly being Andy Warhol, the Artist whose parents emigrated from Slovakia, hockey player Miroslav Šatan, and the famous inventor Aurel Stodola known for creating the steam and gas turbines.

Before you visit Slovakia, you would need to purchase Slovakia Visa Travel Insurance. Once you complete an instant purchase online, you would be able to print the visa letter that you would need to take to a Slovakian consulate that would issue you the Slovakia visa.

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