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Netherlands Visa Travel Insurance

Netherlands - General Information

The Netherlands is located in the North-West Europe and shares borders with Belgium and Germany. It also shares Maritime borders with Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom. The Netherlands' capital is Amsterdam. The word dutch is used for the people, language and many other things pertaining to the Netherlands. The Netherlands is also known as Holland. The Netherlands is a very low lying country and lots of its land below the sea level.

As The Netherlands is part of the European Union, its official currency is Euro. Keukenhof gardens are very popular and the best time to visit it is during the spring. Many Indian people are familiar Keukenhof gardens due to its appearance in the songs of the movie Silsila. In one day you visit the exhibition Blossom, enjoy the flowers in bloom at Keukenhof and take a cruise of Amsterdam's canals.

Amsterdam is the aviation hub for KLM and Northwest Airlines. Therefore, many people traveling to the U.S. from Asia and Africa transit through Amsterdam.

There is a big dairy industry in The Netherlands. You can see both the old and the new style windmills throughout the Netherlands.

Netherlands Visa Travel Insurance

As The Netherlands is part of Schengen area along with 25 other countries, those who need Schengen visa to visit will need to show the proof of adequate Schengen travel insurance before the Schengen visa can be issued by the Dutch consulate/embassy.

Some people who already have the domestic health insurance in the U.S. are under the impression that the same insurance will work while visiting Europe. However, those insurance plans mostly would not cover the important benefits such as repatriation of remains and emergency medical evacuation which are required as part of the valid Schengen visa insurance. Therefore, it is very important to buy the right Schengen Visa Insurance and avoid any last minute hassles.

As a specialist in the international travel medical insurance, we offer several travel insurance plans from reputed companies. Dutch visa insurance plans are very low cost and affordable travel insurance plans.

Whether you are visiting The Netherlands for a short period, a longer duration or just transiting, you can get the Schengen visa and the peace of mind with Netherlands Travel Insurance. Simply print the visa letter or the confirmation of coverage and present it to the Dutch consulate/embassy.

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