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Hong Kong Travel Insurance

Hong Kong Travel Insurance should be carefully considered by everyone traveling to or transiting from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. Up until 1997, it was a British colony. Many people traveling from the United States and Canada to South Asia and other parts of the world routinely take a stopover, as the airline provides the convenience.

Hong Kong is a major financial center in the world, and its health care facilities are on par with the West. However, health care is quite expensive in Hong Kong in private hospitals. If you get sick or injured while in Hong Kong, appropriate travel insurance is beneficial.

Hong Kong is made up of several islands:

  • Lantau Island

    As Hong Kong International Airport is located here, this will most likely be your first destination. The airport is one of the best in the world. Hong Kong Disneyland is also located here. As everyone knows, it is a paradise for children. Tian Tan Buddha is a massive Buddha statue on the hill. You also can ride Ngong Ping 360, which is a cable car for tourist attractions and activities.

  • Hong Kong Island

    This is an island where most of the skyscrapers are located. You can visit Ocean Park, which is a theme park with roller coasters and water rides. Hong Kong is a shopper's paradise. You can visit the Ladies Market and the Temple Street Night Market. Viewing downtown Hong Kong from The Peak by visiting the place in the tram is a lifetime experience. However, it can become hectic at nighttime.

  • Kowloon

    Kowloon has temples, mansions and shopping.

  • New Territories

    This area was named when the British took over more land from China in 1898.

When visiting Hong Kong, you have some chances of contracting hepatitis A, typhoid fever, Japanese encephalitis or hepatitis B. Therefore, make sure to get appropriate vaccinations upfront.

While in Hong Kong, be aware of pickpocketing crimes. Make sure to always carry a toilet paper roll with you just in case you need to go, and the toilet does not have one.

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